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Each year, thousands of people travel to countries where diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, yellow fever, and malaria threaten unprotected travellers. A visit to any of The Traveller’s Clinic's convenient locations will give you the protection and peace of mind you need.








Our travel health specialists:

Heures d'ouverture
Opening hours 

Lun/Mon    8:00am – 21h

Mar/Tue     8:00am – 21h

Mer/Wed    8:00am – 20h

Jeu/Thurs  8:00am – 20h

Ven/Fri       8:00am – 16h

Sam/Sat    8:00am – 16h

Dim/Sun    Closed

1- Evaluate all the health risks according to your destination country as well as the activities you will engage in and recommend and administer the appropriate vaccinations.


2- Inform you of the sanitary state of the region you will be visiting as well as potential risks to which you might be exposed.


3- Inform you according to your own particular state of health as well as provide the latest available information regarding the illnesses currently circulating in your destination country, and recommending whether or not you should be vaccinated against them.

4- Give you plenty of advice about safety during your trip including addresses of reliable medical clinics abroad.


5- Provide prescriptions for preventative and remedial medications, for example for traveler’s diarrhea or for acute mountain sickness if you’ll be traveling at a high altitude.


6- Provide an international vaccination notebook which corresponds to the fixed norms in the international health regulations elaborated by the World Health Organization (WHO).


You can thus present this notebook upon arrival in your destination country without risking being refused entry for your stay. 

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        Our goal...


It's to protect your health during and after your trip, and to offer you impeccable and personalized service for the whole family!

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