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Pre-travel consultation and vaccinations are not covered by the Québec Health Insurance Plan. However, certain private insurance companies reimburse in full or in part expenses incurred for consultation, and a receipt for your taxes will be provided.

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Planning a trip?

Need information on the required vaccines? 


Our clinic has been working for several years to offer consultations on travel and vaccinations. Our specialists in travel health offer first a personalized consultation, which distinguishes us from the rest.


The members of the clinic remain perpetually on the lookout and are informed by Health Canada, The World Health Organization, and the American Center for Disease Control.



We take your health to heart and invite you to schedule an appointment to prevent any illness while you travel. 


The Traveller's Clinic will inform you about:


WHICH vaccines are needed. Your destination, your current health, and your immunizations determine what medications you'll need.


WHEN to receive your vaccination. At a pre-determined date for maximum protection and efficacy during the trip and after the trip -- don't wait... check with us now! Some immunizations need to occur six weeks before your date of departure! 

HOW are the vaccines given -- orally, intramuscularly or subcutaneous.


WHY vaccinations or prescriptions for medication are recommended for your trip. The right travel preparation helps ensure you travel with the maximum health safety and come back as healthy as you left.

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